My Daughter-in-law

Recently I had the opportunity to witness the birth of my newest granddaughter, something that I find absolutely amazing and inspiring!  Last year when my daughter let me be there when her daughter was born I found the event to be incredibly touching, beautiful and spiritual.  I had always been at the other end of the baby business and even though I have 8 children, had never seen one born.  It was so amazing that I wondered how I could convince my other children to let me be present at future births.  When my son and his wife announced they were expecting, I asked my son to ask his wife (she wasn’t feeling good so she wasn’t present) to just consider the possibility of letting me be there.  Since she’s a very private and reserved person, I wanted to give her time to think about it.  He went home and called me back in a few minutes and said she would love to have me there.  I couldn’t believe she didn’t even need time to think about it because if my mother-in-law, even though she is a great person, had asked me that I certainly would have wanted to think about it. Our newest addition to our family is now 2 weeks old and she’s beautiful.  Her parents sit and just watch her breathe. They are in awe of her and already their lives and priorities have changed because of their willingness to serve her with unconditional love.  So to my daughter-in-law I say thank you!  Thank you for putting aside your privacy and allowing me to graciously share this moment with you.  Thank you for becoming an important part of our family, one who we love.  Thank you for loving my son, thank you for being you.


  1. Rachelle | 11th Jan 18

    This is cute!

    • Somethingsihavelearned | 12th Jan 18

      You are my first comment!! Thanks Rachelle

  2. Nicole | 6th Apr 19

    This is so sweet, mom! You can be present for my childbirth, if I even get pregnant!

    • Somethingsihavelearned | 6th Apr 19

      I am so glad to hear that! It has been one of the great blessings of my life to have witnessed the births of 4 of my grandchildren. It truly is a sacred experience!

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